Searching for Birth Grandmother: Alice St. Pierre. Gave birth to Susanna Lee St. Pierre on 4/19/1946


Suzanna St. Pierre
Circa, Fall 1946

She was being chased by a goose in this picture!

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Suzanna St. Pierre (Barbara J. Carroll)
Saying her bedtime prayers

My mom (Barbara Jane) and Garrett (Susan's son)

This site is an attempt to find my mothers' birth mother. Her name is Alice St. Pierre. We believe she was born around 1929. She lived in Fall River, MA in 1946. She lived at the Sophia Little Home for unwed mothers while she was pregnant. The doctor who delivered the baby was Dr. George Dwyer from Roger Williams Hospital. The adoption went through RI Catholic Charities. Susanna was adopted by John and Myra Carroll. Her name was changed to Barbara Jane. We believe that Alice was French (Canadian). Her daughter is 59...and has been eagerly searching for years. Although she fears rejection, she can't help but wonder...what her true mother is like...what her real heritage is...etc. She is 5'2", auburn hair/blue eyes/fair skin. Please help us in our search...we can only hope that it's not too late.


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My Julianna with Donna's dog, Buddy.

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My mother; My birth-grandmother for her courage to not only carry her daughter to term in a time when it was societal suicide...but for her courage to give her up...with hopes for her future.  Anyone who has helped others in their time of need!

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My sister Donna and her son, Justin

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